Official Entry List


By OBS World

Presenting the Official Entry List for the OBS Endurance Cup - Powered by HUNDREDFORCE. This comprehensive directory showcases the teams and drivers who have earned their place on the starting grid, having met stringent qualification criteria to be part of this elite racing event. Every name on this list represents dedication, skill, and a passion for racing.

The Official Entry List stands as a testament to the diverse talent pool participating in the competition. Each team and driver brings a unique blend of experience, strategy, and drive, making each race an unpredictable and thrilling spectacle.

Highlights of the Official Entry List:

  • Comprehensive list of participating teams, showcasing the best in international e-sports racing talent.
  • Individual profiles of racers, detailing their journey, accomplishments, and what they bring to the competition.
  • Insight into the vehicles of choice for each team, highlighting the strategy behind every selection.
  • A reflection of the global nature of the OBS Endurance Cup, with representatives from various countries and continents.
  • A dynamic list, providing updates on any last-minute changes or additions, ensuring fans and participants are always in the loop.
The OBS Endurance Cup - Powered by HUNDREDFORCE, is proud to host a lineup of such caliber. As we gear up for the race, we invite fans, participants, and the curious to delve into this list, getting to know the faces and names that will be at the heart of this adrenaline-pumping championship. Start your engines!

Download the full Entry List HERE.