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Highlights 2023/24

This season unlocks unparalleled racing features tailored for the Ultimate Experience. Dive into a world where technology meets the thrill of the race, and every detail is designed to enhance your journey on the track.

Global Participation

With 60 teams, 180 drivers, and representation from 30+ nationalities, we've assembled a diverse and elite lineup of the world's top sim racers.

Impressive Viewership

With over 275,000 unique live stream viewers and counting, it's the most-watched digital motorsport event in its category.

Generous Prize Pool

A staggering $7,500 up for grabs, including $1,000 for each class winner, making it one of the most lucrative sim racing championships.

Inclusive Ranking System

An FIA-style driver ranking system ensures a level playing field, allowing both amateurs and pros to compete on equal footing.

Digital Enhancements

Seamless integration with the OBS World app, amplifying the racing experience by offering live stats, interactive features, and more.


Real-world Perks

Last season's winners embarked on an unforgettable track day at Nürburgring, blending the virtual and real worlds for a thrilling racing experience.

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OBS Endurance Cup - powered by HUNDREDFORCE Overview

Delve into the Pulse of Sim Racing

Discover the adrenaline-packed events of the OBS Endurance Cup, a premier sim racing championship. Learn about the tracks, the contenders, and the stories behind each lap.

Elite Competition:

Engage with a roster of top sim racers from diverse backgrounds, all aiming for the pinnacle of the podium.

Diverse Circuits:

Experience a variety of iconic tracks, each presenting its own set of challenges and thrills.

Learn about this years sponsor:

Additional Information

Curious about the driving forces and rules behind our championship? Explore our comprehensive entry list, delve into the specific regulations we uphold, and get acquainted with the passionate organizers steering this event. Navigate through to gain deeper insights.

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180+ drivers

Entry List

Browse the official entry list.

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Official Documentation


Explore the stringent regulations.

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The Races Overview

Dive into the specifics of each race event in our series. These cards provide a snapshot of past battles and offer a glimpse into upcoming challenges. Stay updated on the momentum and anticipate the next turns in the OBS Endurance Cup.


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What Our Community Says

Hear firsthand from our passionate racers, devoted fans, and dedicated partners about their experiences with the OBS Endurance Cup.

Our passion for speed fuels our commitment to excellence. We at BC Vault are honored to partner with the OBS Endurance Cup powered by HundredForce and proudly sponsor SIMMSA Esports, where precision, determination, and the love of racing converge to create champions.

Renato Uhl

CEO BC Vault


We're excited to be part of the OBS World series. It's a great opportunity for us to showcase one of our strong established talents in Aaron Vazquez, along with one of our Altus Australia talents in Seth Brown. The notion of blending grades of drivers like it is in the real world, is a fantastic concept and one that certainly grabbed our attention. We look forward to seeing how it all pans out!

Simon Feigl

Founder & Director Altus Esports


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! As the OBS Endurance Cup progresses, we understand you might have some queries. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most commonly asked questions to help you stay in the loop.

While registrations for the current OBS Endurance Cup are closed, we will have more events in the future. Keep an eye on our website and app for announcements regarding upcoming competitions and registration dates.

We set certain equipment and software standards to ensure fair and smooth competition. All the detailed requirements for this year's competition can be found under the 'Regulations' section of our website.

All of our gripping races are live-streamed on our official app and YouTube channel. Additionally, selected partners might also broadcast the races, amplifying the excitement and reach. Stay tuned and make sure you don't miss any of the action!

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Dive into the Endurance Cup season with us - it's not just racing, it's an adventure packed with collabs, fresh ideas, and non-stop excitement. Ready to hit the fast lane? Let's kickstart this journey. For partnership inquiries and more, reach out below.

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