Official OBS Endurance Cup - Powered by HUNDREDFORCE Regulations


By Gustas Grinbergas

Introducing the Official OBS Endurance Cup - Powered by HUNDREDFORCE Regulations, a pivotal cornerstone in maintaining the integrity and fair competition within our racing community. These regulations are meticulously crafted, ensuring a level playing field while promoting the spirit of competitive racing. Our priority is to provide clarity, setting standards that all participants can stand behind.

The importance of these guidelines cannot be understated. They serve as a beacon, guiding the decisions and actions of racers, teams, and even spectators. With the advancement of technology and the integration of digital components, the complexity of racing regulations has grown.

Key Highlights of the Regulations:

  • Emphasis on fair play and sportsmanship, setting the standard for global e-sports racing competitions.
  • Technical specifications and guidelines to ensure consistent performance across all teams.
  • Guidelines on racer conduct, both on and off the virtual track, to maintain the reputation of the competition.
  • Detailed insights into the scoring system, ensuring transparency and competitiveness.
  • Protocols for dealing with disputes, ensuring quick and fair resolutions
The OBS Endurance Cup, takes pride in our commitment to maintaining the gold standard in e-sports racing. We invite participants and fans alike to familiarize themselves with these regulations, as they play a significant role in shaping the championship we all love and cherish. Let the races begin!

Download the full regulations HERE.